Fire resistance insulation material & Thermal pad

Fire resistance insulation material 


Insulating protection such as mobile phone spare parts insulation & lithium manganese battery wrapping


 Using Aramid fiber base material with excellent high & low temperature resistance,  acid & alkali resistance, high pressure resistance, fire retardant
 Color: Black、Yellow
 Adhesion: 1500 ~ 2000gf/in

Thermal pad 


A new thermal conduction material for reducing contact resistance between the thermal source surface and the contact surface of thermal dissipating device, the soft thermally conductive silicone sheet matches the irregular surface of the material in engineering point. 


 Higher thermal conductivity than traditional silica gel thermal paste, and the thermal conductivity is better
 Sheet shape, easy to handle, can be cut to suit specific applications
 Various thicknesses specification to fill different gaps in the contact surface

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