OLED Display Solution

Application:OLED display module assembly and touch panel, cover glass & ICON parts bonding

Optical Clear Adhesive

 Coating in 100 Class or 1000 Class Clean Room with excellent cleanliness 

 Good transparency with light transmittance≥95%.

 Excellent weather resistance and heat & humidity resistance, yellowing, no yellowing or delamination.

 Strong bonding performance on metal or texture surface, low shrinkage, with excellent gap filling ability.

Application:OGS screen protection, optical film and parts bonding for touch panel, ITO glass and display module

Explosion-Proofing Film

 Coating in 100 Class Clean Room 
 Excellent optical properties, good bonding strength
 Excellent yellowing resistance and Newton’s Ring resistance

 Excellent weather resistance, heat & humidity resistance without outgassing

Application:3D/2.5D and foldable screen soft explosion-proofing use

TPU Soft Explosion-Proofing Film

 Coating in Class 100 clean room with high transparency 
 Special TPU + OCA structure supports cushioning impact to prevent screen cracking
 Automatic adhesion to glass surface with good outgassing performance to avid bubble, suitable for 3D OLED and foldable screen protection
 Good scratch resistant and oil resistant ability with self-healing coating

Application:Bonding of TP/LCM and other LCD display parts

Conductive Tape

 Good relative tensile strength by using electrical flexible base materials
 Excellent electrical conductivity and bonding properties

Application:OLED Thermal Management


 High thermal conductivity 
 Light weight
 Easy to process, flexible, well-matched to all kinds of surface design

 Good temperature tolerance ability around -40~400℃


 Graphene is a two-dimensional crystalline material made up of honeycombed carbon atoms. 
 High carrier mobility with excellent electrical and thermal conductivity

 SDK special process could effectively improve the layer gap of graphene and the thermal conductivity.

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